No Man's Lie just became No Man's Joke with the new 'Atlas Rises' Update

A new No Man's Sky update was just released yesterday, after several months since the last one, and radio silence from the dev team since March (not including retweets), and it includes several neat little features, a few bug fixes, and one of the most anticipated features since the game's conception, Multiplayer.

NMS Changelog

Multiplayer was originally promised by Sean Murray, the main developer of NMS, to be in the release version of the game. Meeting other players would allow the community to discover one of the most sought after secrets of the game, other than what lies in the center of the universe, what the player character looks like. Sean warned that this wouldn't be easy, that there was so low of a chance for players to find each other that it might never even happen. Of course, this is the internet, and on the first day after the game's launch two twitch streamers, TheSadCactus, and Psytokat met on the same planet with hundreds of viewers in the audience to find... nothing.

Now, it seemed like that broken promise would finally be mended, but no. There definitely is Multiplayer in the new NMS update, but it's implemented in such a way that it is essentially meaningless. For one, the game claims that you can only see 16 players at a time. I'm not sure how this is implemented because I haven't seen a mechanism to view or hide certain players, but presumably if there's too many players nearby you just won't see all of them.

Also, you wont see other player's bases if they don't explicitly share them with you, and you won't see terrain modification, because the No Man's Sky team doesn't want to put any strain on their precious servers, which are currently only being used for the names of Planets and creatures. This really sucks because the terrain tools got expanded on a lot in the same update that added Multiplayer! What a missed opportunity.

Even without all that stuff though, the biggest mystery can finally be solved now. We know what other players look like! Want a picture? No spoilers, I promise. Here it is:

Traveller Entities

Image by /u/DestinationG on Reddit

Yep. This is what you see. These are 'Traveller Entities,' and are No Man's Sky's solution to being completely out of ideas/budget for an actual player model. These immersion breaking things symbolize the existence of other players in the universe. You can only see them if you're in the same system as them, and only then if you're on the ground. That means you'll never get to show off your fancy ship to all those scrubs in their Rasamama S36s, or drive around together in rovers. No, you can walk around and watch their dumb blue orb float with you.

Also, the orb isn't what your player looks like. Your player wields tools and has some sort of space suit with life support. Blue floating lights don't have either. I honestly don't understand how anyone could screw this up so badly. You had hype for a few hours there Hello Games. People were actually interested in your game again. And then you killed it. Great job.

August 12th 2017